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Professional Events (longer meetings)

We can assist you in organisation of your professional events:

1. Counselling regarding time and venue of the event

2. financial management of the event, event budget preparation

3. counselling at website creation, and electronic support

4. logistic management of applications

  • registration of participants (e-mail, on-line, fax) 
    • reception of registration forms
    • registration confirmation
    • registry of participants
    • correspondence with participants
    • collection of registration fees (on-line, through bank, payment cards, cheques …) and issue of suitable invoices
  • abstracts (on-line, e-mail) 
    • reception of abstracts
    • receipt confirmation
    • registry of abstracts
  • preparation and printing of scientific papers 
    • initial announcement
    • preliminary programme
    • book of lectures with the event's programme
    • posters
    • participation certificates
    • badges
  • preparation of materials for the event (bags, pencils, stationery, chosen gifts for participants and guests)
  • organisation of meals during the event
    • coffee breaks
    • lunches
    • festive dinner

5. accommodation of participants

  • coordination between the accommodation suppliers and participants;
  • advice regarding suitable hotels, hostels, boarding houses …;
  • on-line applications and payments;
  • preparation of lists of participants by hotels, hostels …

6. coordination at renting hall and technical equipment

  • renting of technical equipment (equipment for translation, computer, translation boots)
  • organisation of hostess services

7. translation and interpreting

8. event's moderator