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EASA Conference 2008




Conference trips: Make good friends

Traveling to another country is not just a scientific task, but also a tourist experience. Can ethnologists and anthropologists spend a day more for explorations into a country they have never been to before? Do anthropologists want something different than average tourists? Does a modern scientist wish to take a break away from modern no-lands? How much is he or she willing to contribute?

Maybe you will be early or you will have to wait for the cheapest plane connection after the conference. Maybe you will simply like our trip propositions. We certainly hope that you would get to know as many people as possible: students, professional colleagues, local inhabitants, etc.

We have prepared six original excursions for you. They were written and arranged by our students, and offer you a taste of diversity and mutuality outside the capital of Ljubljana. They vary in themes, from underground life to medieval saltpans, from gastronomy to places of worship, mythology and literature. These trips are not available at standard tourist offices. We have tried to include travel, food, tickets, etc. but still keep prices low.

Your entries will be collected by Kongres d.o.o., Mojca Sojar; to reserve, please visit booking.kongres.si. This is just the first step. Excursions will only be organised for more than 40 persons per trip. Please sign up by 15 July 2008.

At the latest by 1 August 2008 you will be informed if the bus is full and your trip confirmed. You’ll be asked to pay in advance. Financial transactions will be managed by Kongres d.o.o., the company accepting your accommodation requests.

Explore Slovenia and make good friends!


KONGRES Congress Management will do its best to book a room in the hotel of your first choice. In order to avoid disappointment, early bookings are recommended. Kongres d.o.o. will be offering hotel accomodation only during conference time from 25th August to 31th August. Telephone reservations will not be accepted. KONGRES Congress Management has reserved a large number of rooms for the EASA 2008 Conference. However, it is advised to make your reservation as soon as possible in order to have the best choice of available hotels.

You can book your hotel accommodation at booking.kongres.si.

We strongly advise all participants to reserve their hotel accommodation as soon as possible.


KONGRES Congress Management will not be able to guarantee rooms after June 1, 2008.
Hotel reservations will only be confirmed if the credit card details are fully supplied or alternatively a booking fee 10 EUR is forwarded by cheque or bank transfer.

Each participant will receive an individual confirmation, indicating the name and address of the hotel. The booking will only be final upon receipt of the corresponding booking fee (10 EUR).


All reservations require a guarantee with a valid credit card. KONGRES Congress Management can run an authorization check before arrival. If this check fails your reservation is not guaranteed. In that case the reservation may be cancelled.

Hotel reservation will only be confirmed if a credit card details are fully supplied or alternatively a booking fee of 10 EUR is forwarded by bank transfer.