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KONGRES d.o.o., Cesta Dolomitskega odreda 44, 1000 Ljubljana, t: 0590 / 122 85, f: 0590 / 123 11
Kongres d.o.o.


Welcome to the website of the company Kongres d.o.o..

The scope of our work covers an integral planning and organization of professional meetings as well as education. Since the establishment of our company in 1992, we have successfully organized about 40 symposia, seminars, conferences, postgraduate courses and congresses, with more than 3000 participants from all over the world.If you are considering an organization of a professional gathering at a top-quality level, you are invited to rely on our experience and capabilities. Together we will find answers to all questions related to the selection of venue, technical support, catering and entertainment. We will direct your attention to many tiny details that may add a pleasant personal touch to the meeting and make all participants feel that they have been taken care of in the best possible way.

It is the satisfaction of participants that will confirm our joint success!

Mojca Sojar,